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Courses in Handsworth with Resident University

Understanding Social Media Flyer

In association with the  Neighbourhood Manager for Soho Finger & Gib Heath and the Chamberlain Forum’s Resident University we’re happy to be supplying two free Understanding Social Media courses. One is a short drop-in session for those who would like to know more, and the second is an OCN Accredited 10-hour course, both are free to residents, call Colin on 0121 675 2683 if you’d like to attend.

Soho Resident Involvement Day

We were invited to the resident involvement day at Soho Community Centre, Birmingham by the Resident University. We were on hand to give an insight into how social technology can be used to support community related endeavours. There’s already quite a burgeoning online presence for Soho, sites like http://sohowardbirmingham.com/ and http://www.sohofoundation.org.uk/.

The Soho Finger Neighbourhood Forum team, who are in the process of developing an online space, seem to be the link between services / information and residents. They are residents too and so have a more vested interest in what is said and wanted by local people. We showed them some of the more direct tools available online such as the range of services available from My Society.

A few issues regarding the community were raised during the introductions so I attempted some hands on examples of how technology could be used for such matters. I recorded a quick interview with local resident, Reg Everall, who was concerned about the growing problem of bird droppings.

He felt this is on the increase due to the lack of awareness of the consequences of feeding the birds scraps of food. If the community was made aware that the not only was it causing an increase of bird droppings but also not good for them, the problem could be eradicated. Reg suggested leaflets in a few languages (Soho has a diverse ethnic community mix) which could be locally distributed. I suggested that maybe having the same leaflet available online along with some audio version might increase awareness as well as provide a resource for other neighbourhoods to use.

So I was using technology for a number of things here. Initially, to record concerns by local residents, which I uploaded and shared with others at the event in a matter of seconds. I also embedded this into a page I created on the day, quickly and easily, using free tools (There are many simple tools to enable residents to express themselves online). I then suggested how technology could be used to help solve the problem. A leaflet could be produced, with a simple sentence in the main 3 or 4 languages of the neighbourhood. “Please! Do not feed the birds”. I found a leaflet used by Stroud MBC for this very purpose (pdf). With the right links, a few other language versions could be reproduced and also replicated online. The message could also be recorded by local residents in other languages and feature prominently on a Soho related website. All this could be produced very quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Here’s the page I created on the day to quickly take a snapshot of what was happening at the timehttp://bit.ly/sohocomm

The tools I used on the day were: wrrtn.me for a place to put the content I created, audioboo.fm where I uploaded the interview, recorded on my phone, bambuser.com where I streamed some live video from the event.

Social media taster session at brap

Over the last month or so we’ve been doing a series of workshop sessions with brap — who work to promote equality — on giving some of their clients an introduction to the opportunities social media might offer their businesses, charities or social enterprises.

Each session was for four hours with around six people — with two trainers. We originally thought that that would be plenty of time and that boredom would be setting in by then — but there wasn’t a session where we wouldn’t have liked to extend just a touch. After some very brief introductions, the first thing we did in each session was to divide into groups of two and play the Social Media Game.

The game is a great way for people to start thinking about the big picture of the social web, how different tools, techniques and ideas work alongside each other — and it also acts as a way to quickly see some of the options that are available. We’ve been playing the game slightly differently; smaller groups (so we can make sure everyone has grasped the concepts behind the cards), tighter questions which the teams can alter to more closely reflect their real situations, and we’ve done an updated set of cards (which you can download here to use or alter yourselves).

After this we worked more directly with each person and started them going on something that might prove immediately useful to them: starting a blog was a popular one, as was learning how to monitor the social web. But the main idea is just to have a go — that might be Facebook, Twitter or even a quick video cast (shot on iPhone so excuse the appalling sound):

We’re hopefully going to be doing some follow up sessions to see how people are getting on… will keep you posted

Job Top Trumps

Here’s a resource that we’re using with a young people’s project to gain a better understanding of the employment market. It’s available to download and use for your own projects. It’s good for creating discussion about the reality of employment as well as using the web to research all the different kinds of work out there.
If you find it useful or have any comments please let us know.

Job Top Trumps Template PDF

We Share Stuff – Understanding Social Media

We’re really pleased to announce what we think is the first officially accredited course in understanding and using social media for those with no previous experience. We Share Stuff has developed the course and it’s now part of the OCN framework (WSS are an OCN Centre), as three units of 10 learning hours each.

As it’s platform agnostic (it doesn’t prescribe certain sites or tools) and also driven by the learners as to use, it’s applicable to anyone that wants to get to grips with the social web and gain the confidence to get involved.

We envisage it being useful to businesses, young people — almost anyone — with the bonus of a real qualification at the end of it. We’re now looking for opportunities to deliver it… the fun starts here.

Social Media Find and Connect Level One Credit 1
Engaging with Social Media Level One Credit 1
Creating Social Media Content and Networks Level One Credit 1